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Let us help you find the right snowboard protective gear for your needs!

Snowboard protective gear isn't just for beginners. Sure, the right protective gear helps newbies gain confidence and learn technique but experienced riders need snowboard protective gear that allows them to explore new possibilities in the snowboard parks, snowboard pipes and backcountry snowboard areas too.

Shop the snowboard protective gear categories below, check out our instructional videos and learn more about how to find the right snowboard protective gear for the right style of snowboarding below. Oh and don't forget you can chat with us online or call us up at 800-766-7269 and we can point you in the right direction!

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So what do I need?

Due to the configuration of every snowboard setup, meaning the combination of the boots, bindings and board, snowboarders rarely fall in the direction of their snowboard’s nose or tail. They most often fall along either edge of their snowboard, meaning the snowboarder winds up on their backside or on their face. Making sure the pieces of your snowboard setup are all properly adjusted and integrated with each other is the first step toward snowboarding safely. If your snowboard setup is not properly adjusted, the risk of these types of falls in dramatically increased, so make sure you have an experienced snowboarder help you get your snowboard setup properly configured. Which direction a snowboarder falls varies depending on where the snowboarder is oriented at the time of the fall. If a snowboarder’s toes are downhill, he or she will be heading face-first when they go down. If a snowboarder is on their heel edge, they will wind up on their butt, probably looking up at the lift above. These types of falls result three main snowboard-related injuries; those sustained by the buttocks, cranium and wrists.

Snowboard Protective Helmets

A good helmet is the first piece of snowboard protective gear every snowboarder must have! Finding the right snowboard helmet means finding one that fits properly, works well with the snowboarder’s goggles and matches up well with their style of snowboarding. If a snowboard helmet fits too small, it’s painful to wear (which means it probably won’t be worn at all), and if a snowboard helmet fits too big, it’s almost as dangerous as not wearing a helmet at all.

Snowboard Protective Wrist Guards

The first thing a falling snowboarder does is put their hands out. In that case, more often than not, one or both wrists will be seriously strained. Research has shown that snowboard-related wrist injuries can often occur even more common than head injuries. Selecting the right wrist guard for snowboarding means getting a wrist guard that provides proper support to prevent hyperextension as well as protection against impact.

Snowboard Padded Shorts and Pants

Falling on your butt hurts! Those injuries range from general soreness in the area to fractures in the tailbone. Get yourself a good pair of snowboard padded shorts or pants. Snowboard padded shorts have padding in the tailbone and along the other parts of the thighs. Snowboard padded pants have those features and often additionally feature padding in the knees and other parts of the legs. Finding the right padded pant or short means finding something that will keep you warm (or cool, depending on your needs), fit underneath your outerwear and provide enough coverage for your body and style of snowboarding.

What else?

These suggestions will at least get you started, but there are many other snowboard protective gear options to choose from here at All Sport Protection. Snowboarders should also consider protective gear for the spine, knees, and elbows. There are a lot of great solutions such as protective upper body armor, which provides all-in-one style protection, providing solutions for all three with one piece of gear. Of course, if you need, you can get separate pieces for elbows, knees, chest, and spines. While getting all of these pieces in one top is an excellent option for most snowboarders, buying the snowboard protective gear separately allows snowboarders to customize their protection according their level of experience and style of riding.

A word about sizing…

Finding the right fit for snowboard protective gear is of the utmost importance. Even if you’ve found the right protective gear, if it doesn’t fit right, it probably won’t do you any good. Our awesome brands have provided easy-to-read sizing charts for just about every piece of protective gear you’ll need on the mountain. You’ll be able to find links to those charts by clicking the links denoted with the red ‘S’ logos under the item’s individual page.


Of course, ordering properly-sized snowboard protective gear online can be difficult. But you can reach us via email at any time, or through our online chat and expert phone line during business hours. We can help you figure out which gear will meet your needs, how to size it, figure out when it will arrive to your house and even give you tips on good spots to find that powder! Don’t hesitate to ask!

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