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Snowboard Wrist Guards: Stay Safe from Sprain

Protect yourself from nasty wrist fractures and sprains! Check out all of our snowboard wrist guards now! Wrist injuries are the most common and painful snowboard-related injury. Start protecting yourself now by getting yourself a nice pair of snowboard wrist guards. Make sure to grab yourself a good pair that fits under your snowboard gloves or get a pair that’s built into the glove itself.

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Demon Wrist Guards Demon Wrist Guards | Women Pro-tec IPS Wrist Pads Snow
Demon Wrist Guards | Women
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Sale Price: $16.99
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Demon Cinch Wrist Guard Glove Burton Support Wrist Guard Gloves Demon Wrist Guards
Demon Flex Wrist Guards Flexmeter Double Sided Wrist Guards Flexmeter Single Sided Wrist Guards
Flexmeter Double Protection Snowboarding Gloves Flexmeter Single Sided Snowboard Gloves Flexmeter Over Gloves

What do snowboard wrist guards do for snowboarders?

The natural reaction when a snowboarder falls, is to stick out your hands and catch yourself. This almost never works out well. Sprains and fractures happen all the time. Snowboard wrist guards are the least expensive, easiest measures of protection against the most common, most painful and most costly injuries snowboarders deal with on a regular basis. All snowboarders need protection against this injury, both new and old.

Some riders will tell you that wearing a snowboard wrist guard will only increase the odds of a wrist fracture but this just isn’t the case. Snowboard wrist guards are designed specifically to prevent the hyperextension that causes the fractures specific to snowboarders. Snowboard wrist guards are long enough to where they aren’t the cause of the fracture and stable enough to where they provide exactly the right amount of stability to prevent the wrist from bending in an undesirable direction. They are also extremely low-profile and fit under most standard snowboard gloves on the market.

Our favorite snowboard wrist guards are the Flexmeter Double Sided Wrist Guard. These wrist guards are extremely low profile and fit under most standard snowboarding gloves. They feature two splints and provide comprehensive protection against impact. They sit fairly high on the wrist to prevent fracture from hyperextension. also offers Flexmeters patented line of over gloves and mittens to ensure compatibility.

What are the best snowboard wrist guards for me?

Selecting the best snowboard wrist guards is simply a matter of finding the right fit. The two main types of wrist protection are snowboard wrist guard gloves, which feature the wrist guard integrated into a snowboard glove, or a wrist guard you can wear with your existing glove. Both have advantages. Wrist guard gloves provide the same all-in-one type of protection as a protective jacket does for your upper body but lacks the customization preferable for snowboarders who want to use their existing pair of gloves. has a lot of excellent brands such as DocMeter, Level, Burton and others to help find the right fit for all types of snowboarders.

We carry only the top snowboard wrist guards from brands including Burton, Demon, DocMeter, ProTec and TripleEight. The gear experts here at All Sport Protection are athletes who test out this protective gear regularly and know what works for which job. Our No-Hassle Return Policy allows you can make sure you’re gonna get the right snowboard wrist guards before you hit the hill… Literally! Contact us on our exclusive online chat, call us at 800-766-7269 or email us at today!

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