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Mountain Bike Protective Gear: All Sport Protection has the right gear for any level of mountain biking

There are a lot of different ways to mountain bike: Cross-country, downhill, freeride, trail… Finding the right mountain bike protective gear for your style of riding can be tricky. Afterall, All Sport Protection carries a huge selection of top mountain bike protection brands including Fox, SixSixOne, Demon, Giro and EVS. Our gear experts are ready to get you hooked up with the perfect style of padded mountain bike shorts, mountain biking gloves, and mountain biking helmets.

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What mountain bike protective gear do you need? Take a look.

Selecting the right mountain bike protective gear starts by deciding what style of mountain biking you’re doing. Downhill mountain bikers need the most protective gear, including a full-face mountain biking helmet, padded mountain bike shorts, a solid mountain bike neck brace, knee protection and elbow protection. Finding protective gear that integrates fully with each individual piece is critical. Often, the best approach is to get a piece of mountain bike body armor, a protective jacket that protects the upper body. Knee and elbow mountain bike protection should be lightweight but solid. Mountain bikers should consider what level wrist protection, dirt goggles or ankle guards they need depending on their style of mountain biking. Have a mountain biker, like one of our gear experts, walk you through what combination will work for your style of biking.

Cross-country mountain bikers can stay safe without slowing down by selecting a single-track helmet, padded mountain biking shorts, and soft mountain biking pads for knees and elbows. Cross-country mountain biking helmets are lightweight open-faced helmets that combine high ventilation with comprehensive protection.

Mountain biking gloves are key for any style of riding. has a large selection of mountain biking gloves for all bikers. Gloves range from light, fingerless all the way to heavy duty and fully armored. Which glove to get is entirely up to the preference of the biker but don’t get caught without something on your hands.

We carry only the top mountain bike protective gear brands including SixSixOne, Fox, ProTec and Demon. The gear experts here at All Sport Protection are athletes who test out this protective gear regularly and know what works for which ride. Our No-Hassle Return Policy allows you can make sure you’re gonna get the right mountain bike protective gear before you hit the track. Contact us on our exclusive online chat, call us at 800-766-7269 or email us at today!

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