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BMX Helmets: Contain Your Brain!

The need for BMX Helmets is critical. All BMX riders, novice and seasoned alike, know that it’s only a matter of time before you take a spill. carries only the best BMX Helmets of all types from top brands like POC, SixSixOne, Giro and ProTec. Learn more about selecting BMX Helmets below or start shopping now!

Full Face BMX Helmets Open Face BMX Helmets

What BMX Helmet Should I get?

Selecting the right BMX helmet is much easier than it may appear. BMX helmets are divided into two main types, full-face and half-cap. Full-face BMX helmets cover the entire head and obviously are a more comprehensive type of protection. Half-Cap BMX helmets, sometimes called open-face helmets, are similar to skateboarding helmets. They are cooler and more open.

Which style BMX helmet you want depends on which style of BMX riding you’re doing. Half-cap BMX helmets provide a sufficient amount of protection if your riding in the street or the part. Half-cap BMX helmets can handle a little dirt activity but when you start getting into vert, dirt jumping and especially racing, you will need to get a full-face BMX helmet. Although full-face BMX helmets are obviously quite a bit heavier than half-cap, the rider will not really notice a difference because of the more extreme style of riding being done.

Questions About Sizing?

The next step in selecting the right BMX helmet for your needs is finding a helmet that is properly sized for the rider’s head. Whether it’s full-face or open-face, your BMX helmet must be sized correctly or it could wind up causing more damage than the fall itself. BMX helmets should fit snugly but not be restrictive enough to cause pain. Full-face helmets should fit tightly around around the whole head, and push the rider’s cheeks up just slightly. Open-face helmets should not move independent of the rider’s head.

Many of the BMX helmets carried on All Sport Protection have adjustable city systems, allowing the rider to get a perfect fit every time. Combined with adjustable straps and buckles, your helmet should never be unreasonably uncomfortable allowing the rider to ride hard all day, every day.

All of the items carried on have size charts available for the shopper’s reference. These size charts are marked with a big red “S” logo that links to the chart itself. Reference the size chart for every helmet you check out.

Our Top BMX Helmets: Trust Us, You Won't Regret These

Our favorite half-cap BMX helmet is the POC Receptor Flow. POC has been one of the top names in BMx protection for a long time and they have continued that tradition with the POC Receptor Flow. This BMX helmet is well-ventilated, light weight and provides excellent BMX protection for dirt jumping, commuting and park tricks.

We carry only the top BMX helmets from brands like ProTec, POC, Fox, Demon and SixSixOne. The gear experts here at All Sport Protection are athletes who test out this protective gear regularly and know what works for which job. Our No-Hassle Return Policy allows you can make sure you’re gonna get the right BMX helmets before you hit the track… Literally! Contact us on our exclusive online chat, call us at 800-766-7269 or email us at today!

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