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Information and advice on how to choose protective gear for:

Protective gear is essential in any action sport, AllSportProtection has you covered and we want you to know what to do to remain safe. We have protective gear for every sport, cross sport skate combo packs great for inline skate, roller derby and skateboard longboard, like the SixSixOne Dirt Lid Helmet and DJ Knee and Elbow Pads Combo Pack. BMX and mountain bike protective gear that also works for skiing and snowboarding such as elbow and knee pads and support braces like the Shock Doctor Crush Tech Elbow Guard or the ProTec Double Down Knee Pads. AllSportProtection also carries the POC Receptor + which can be used for ski, snowboard, mountain bike and BMX, just add or remove the liner.

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What is D3O Protective Material? Wakeboard Protective Gear Advice Center
Snowboard Protective Gear Advice Center Ski Protective Gear Advice Center
BMX Protective Gear Advice Center Mountain Bike Protective Gear Advice Center
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Snowmobile Protective Gear Advice Center

Choosing the Right Protective Gear for You

From helmets to ankle guards and everything in between, AllSportProtection has you covered and the knowledge and experience to help you find the right fit. Finding protective gear can be as much of a pain as falling, sometimes, that's why we've made it easy. Our sections on specific action sport injuries and the all the protective gear information you need.

Helmets for snowboarding and skiing, BMX/MTB helmets and all kinds of skate helmets. Check out the Bern Watts helmet top-rated helmet for BMX, mountain biking, skiing and snowboarding. This helmet is available as the Bern Watts EPS and the Bern Watts Hard Hat, two different liner materials but still the top-rated quality protection you'd expect from Bern Unlimited - check out each product listing to see the difference.
Elbow & Knee Pads
AllSportProtection carries elbow and knee pads from top-rated brands like Pro Tec, SixSixOne, Triple Eight, Demon and Red by Burton snowboards. Protective gear for your joints, to protect and support, everything from preventing ACL and knee injuries in skiing, to minor bumps and bruises you might get mountain biking.
Padded Shorts
Padded shorts have got to be one of the most useful and popular pieces of protective gear. This function straight across the board, protecting you in every and any sport. Ranging from hard shell padding, like the Demon Shield Hardtail padded shorts, to low profile padded shorts like the Shock Doctor Shock Skin 5-Pad Extended Thigh padded shorts and now even high tech D3O protective material is in the mix with the SixSixOne Evo d3o Bomber padded shorts and the Red Total Impact padded shorts. These top-rated padded shorts for skateboarding. mountain biking and snowboarding, and everything else for that matter, protect your hips, thighs and tail bone from bruises and and being smashed. They are just plain comfortable and worth it when your ride, for whatever you ride.
Upper Body Armor
Back and spine protective gear, chest protectors, roost guards, all names for upper body armor. AllSportProtection carries a full line up of upper body protective gear for all action sports. Be it mountain bike or BMX, skiing, snowboarding or roller derby, we have you covered. Protecting the spine is vital, as are the chest and shoulders. With a range of upper body armor protective gear ranging from spine guards, like the POC Spine Ergo Back and spine protector or Demon Shield spine guard or for more coverage and protection check out the Kali Protectives Kavaca Upper Body Armor or the Forcefield Extreme Harness Adventure Upper Body Armor. There are also padded tops, low profile, with EPS foam protection build in to long sleeve shirts like the Demon Flex Force Upper Body Armor or short sleeve versions such as the Troy Lee Designs Shirt BP 7850-HW upper body armor. Top-rated upper body armor and protective gear for bike, skate and snow, youth sizes available.

All the protective gear you need and the information and advice you may require to stay safe.

AllSportProtection offers specific safety and preventative information regarding the top-rated protective gear we sell. All the action sports we love, and hope you do too, come with a unique section to help you prepare yourself for the next day on the slopes, in the park or in the rink, whatever you need, our protective gear for bike, snow and skate, ranging from padded shorts to elbow and knee pad combo packs, you can be assured to be safe and avoid serious or minor injury with our help. Common injuries and how to prevent them:

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AllSportProtection carries helmets, protective gear and pads for your elbows, knees and shins. We carry cross sport protection for wakeboard, mountain bike, BMX, ski, snowboard, skateboard, roller derby, snowmobiling, inline skate, and longboard.

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