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Ski Goggles: See the Whole Hill

Snow is a reflective surface. On a sunny ski day, that surface becomes especially bright. Adding a quality pair of ski goggles to your protection equation will allow you focus on making lines on the mountain, instead of your face.

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Ski Goggles: Conquer the Hill

Ski goggles are more than just sunglasses with a strap. Sure, ski goggles provide invaluable protection from harmful UV Rays, just like sunglasses. Unlike sunglasses, however, ski goggles provide complete protection against the other elements such as windy, ice and snow which are common on the mountain. Due to the unique contour of ski goggles, skiers experience greater peripheral vision, which, of course, means a safer ride for yourself and others. Goggles also provide protection against hazards caused by branches or rocks.

Ski goggles commonly allow for interchangeable or replaceable lenses that can be used for a variety of weather and visibility conditions. This feature is particularly useful when the stock lens on a goggle that does not provide enough contrast for certain conditions such as fog or blizzards. Some ski goggles may not provide enough protection against more sunny days. Interchangeable lenses are fairly inexpensive and are easy to store in protective cloth sacks or hard chases so you bring several with you to the mountain and change them throughout the day.

Which Ski Goggle Should You Buy?

The single most important factor in deciding which ski goggle to buy is how well it integrates with your helmet. Find a ski goggle that limits the gap between the bottom brim of your helmet and the top of the goggle itself. Doing so will expand your visibility, prevent annoying wind burn on that portion of your face and provide maximum comfort and warmth. Additionally, ski goggles will function best when they stay put and don’t slip down easily. This feat is accomplished by finding a ski helmet that has a clip or groove on the back of the helmet to keep the goggle strap in place. Some of the more expensive ski goggles will have silicone gel on the inside of the strap that prevent it from slipping off of a helmet.

The cost of ski goggles may vary widely. It’s not easy to tell why one ski goggle may only cost $30-$40 and another may cost as much as $200. The main difference in price can usually be attributed to the quality of the lens. There are three main categories of ski goggle lenses; thermo-formed, cylindrical and spherical. Thermo-formed goggle lenses are less expensive, many on the market. During the manufacturing process, these ski goggle lenses are bent to match the shape of the frame of the snowboard goggle. It’s critical to keep these goggles clean and scratch-free, otherwise problems with clarity, fogging and general visibility will happen, and that’s fun for no one. Cylindrical goggle lenses provide a wider angle of peripheral, horizontal vision due to a more advanced manufacturing process. Often these are the goggles that integrate best with most ski helmets, particularly if that helmet has a brim of some kind. Spherical ski goggle lenses are similar to the cylindrically-shaped lenses except they are shaped using a round object. This shape provides maximum visibility in every angle, rather than simply left to right. The lens material is frequently higher-quality and more resistant to scratches.

Lens type isn’t the only factor in determining the price of a ski goggle. Whether or not the goggle features interchangeable lenses, how easily they can be replaced are both determining factors. The frame of the ski goggle are just as important as the quality and type of lens. Ski goggles with a spherical or cylindrical lens may have a “frameless” frame, meaning that the lens attaches to frame from the outside rather than fitting within the frame itself. The design of a frameless goggle is to permit for the widest angle of visibility, especially left to right. These goggle has become particularly popular due to the seamless integration with many ski helmets available now on

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