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RED | Burton

RED is the Burton Line of Protective Gear for Ski and Snowboard Designed and Worn by Burton Pro Riders

RED is Burton Snowboard's protective gear brand, designed by the world's best snowboarders from the world's premier snowboard company. RED is serious about all its protective gear, snowboard helmets, ski helmets, protective snowboard and ski gear. Protection in styles that range from the most simple and functional to those with such abundant features that saying you are getting a deal is an understatement. With their ski and snowboard protective gear, helmets, wrist guards, padded shorts and upper body armor.

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Burton RED Helmets RED Protection

RED | Burton Protective Gear, Helmets, Wrist Guards, Padded Shorts and Upper Body Armor

RED helmets and protective gear provide the safety and comfort you need to protect your head, wrists, hips, thighs, tailbone, back and spine. With RED Protection you get a wide selection of protective gear, helmets, wrist guards, padded shorts and upper body armor they have the look and style ideal for any snowboarder or skier who desires the quality, comfort, safety and features that RED Protection provides.

Before the modern snowboard helmet was such a prevalent site on the mountain, Jake Burton was working on making the obscure concept of his "Snurfer" into the mainstream mountain sport it is today, that was 1978. Today, Burton has taken his original concept and turned it into something that can go down the steepest side walls, through the deepest powder, and cruise the corduroy or take off on the piste.

Now, Burton, being the foremost manufacturer of snowboarding equipment and apparel, and after watching the sport of snowboarding progress from a board with a leash to guys and girls hucking cliffs, doing spins in the pipe or sliding rails in the park, has decided to advance the field of snowboard protective gear. With the stylish RED helmets, padded shorts, wrist guards and back protectors they are leading the way to world domination on the mountain. Designed and used by the top pros in the sport, with Burton's innovations protective gear, especially helmets have made a huge impact in mountain wear and style, with the Burton's RED leading the way.

RED | Burton

Burton is the company that brought us snowboarding, RED is the specific brand through Burton that provides helmets and protective gear. Designed by the best in snowboarding, Red offers the best in HELMETS, BACK PROTECTORS, WRIST GUARDS and PADDED SHORTS. All you need to have a great day and remain safe on the mountain.

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