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The SISU custom fit mouth guards are ultra-thin non-compressed perforated material that absorbs shocks and redirects pressure with its custom fit. Snowboard, mountain bike, roller derby and skateboard mouth guards. Comfortable mouth guard, easy to form and high tech modern design.

What is SISU?

Bravery, Tenacity, Endurance, Perseverance. That's the meaning of the word SISU and the philosophy behind our mouth guards. SISU 2.4, developed by the scientists behind the Protech Dent™ Mouth Guard, is very thin yet lets you do what other guards can't—talk, drink and breathe.

The SISU 2.4 mouth guard is super skinny yet offers more than 50% stronger protection. And with the perfect fit you get in a just a couple minutes, you will keep it in, protecting your teeth and preventing germ transfer from dirty hands. Don't settle. Be the game changer with SISU.

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SISU is made from a non-compressible, perforated material

  • It has unique impact-energy absorbing perforations and special "crumple zones" directing impact forces away from teeth.
  • It dissipates the impact energy over larger areas.
  • Provides 30% better protection

SISU is ultra thin (1.6mm)

  • It provides superior comfort which equals superior compliance
  • It makes it easier to speak and drink

SISU is easy to custom fit

  • Offers excellent fit in minutes; clinical studies show superior comfort

SISU is perforated

  • You will experience less drooling

Built with Volusion

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