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Leatt Neck Braces

Leatt-Brace - A Necessary Invention

The designed and developed so the Leatt brace brings the head to a controlled stop. Built around Alternative Load Path Technology, helmet impacts are re-directed from the helmet to the brace to absorb and distribute the force of an impact in a safe way.

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Leatt Adventure Lite Jr. Chest Protector Leatt-Brace Adventure Pro Chest Protector Leatt 3DF AirFit Body Protector
Leatt DBX Comp 4 Neck Brace

Leatt-Braces - Top-Rated Neck Protection

The Leatt-Brace prevents the whip-lash motion one may receive in a crash. The violent movements and sudden stopping of the head can cause breaks or concussions, massive contusions and swelling in the cranium. The preventative function of the Leatt Brace acts as a collar which stabilizes the head, preventing forward hyperflex, back and lateral hyperextension and neck and spine compression due to possible impact on the top of the head. All this protection without disrupting a full range of motion or field of vision.

In 2001 medical doctor and motorcycle enthusiast Chris Leatt took his son to a racetrack in which they witnessed a tragic accident. The death of fellow rider Alan Selby due to a neck injury shook Dr. Leatt that he decided to develop a serious neck protection device. And after three years of research, development and testing the first Leatt Brace was completed. Another two years later the Leatt Brace would make it to a world market, becoming the leader in neck protection for BMX and Mountain bike riders.

Leatt-Brace - The Neck Protection Leader

Leatt is recognized as a sign of commitment, passion and dedication. A Leatt-Brace shows the world that you are serious about your sport and that you don't accept anything less than the best when it comes to safety. Years of commitment, passion and dedication go into every one of their products. Backed by scientific research and with collaboration with top industry players from the safety industry. All of their products benefit from these continuous efforts of Dr. Leatt and his team of designers and biomedical engineers at the Leatt Lab in cape Town, South Africa.

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