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Choosing the Right Snowboarding Elbow and Knee Pads

Materials for Snowboarding Elbow and Knee Pads

The caps on elbow and knee pads are made from either a hard plastic material, or a more soft, pliable material such as neoprene or D3O protective material. The softer version is made for snowboarding, such as the SixSixOne Veggie Elbow Pad. It moves with your body easily and comfortably fits underneath your clothing. It provides excellent protection and padding similar to the plastic version, without adding bulk. An example of a hard shell knee pad for snowboarding is the Pro Tec Rail Guard, designed to prevent injuries while sliding rails.

           SOFT ELBOW PADS                        HARD SHELL KNEE PADS                        SOFT KNEE PADS


          Kali Protectives Veda                       ProTec IPS Rail Guard                        Red Basic Knee Pad

Level of Protection for Snowboarding Elbow and Knee Pads

Depending on your snowboarding style, experience, and interests, you may want to look into a snow elbow pad or snow knee pad with built in forearm and shin protection. This is the smart option if you're at the park hitting rails or are just beginning to learn to snowboard. It can also come in handy if you happen to slide into another boarder.

You also might want to consider the amount of padding and protection offered by elbow and knee pads. Typically, beginner boarders need a little bit more protection since falling is more frequent. The TSG Timo Nose Dive Knee Pad is a good example of a hearty knee pad that will give adequate protection for all snowboarders.



<-More Padding VS. Less->

From Left to Right the Most Protective/Thickest -to- Support Braces/Thinnest:
  • The POC Joint VPD Knee Guards and Elbow Guards are thicker then they look, with tough injected molded plastic and EVA foam and neoprene sleeve to ensure a tight and supportive fit.
  • The Triple Eight knee pad is thick EVA foam in a neoprene sleeve, pliable and soft, very comfortable.
  • The SixSixOne D3O Evo knee pads and elbow pads features d3o protective material, a surprisingly soft knee pad - D3O is an intelligent molecular compound which hardens and distributes force upon impact.
  • The Pro Tec knee gasket and elbow gasket are basic support braces, tight neoprene sleeve with slight padding on the area around the knee cap and elbow.
For more experienced boarders, the thicker more protective elbow and knee pads might not be necessary. A sleeker, thinner option is probably the best bet. They still provide cushioning and comfort for the inevitable falls, but offer that low profile look.

Style & Pricing for Snowboarding Elbow and Knee Pads

Typically most elbow and knee pads come only in black and are fairly simple in their design. However, we have more "bold" options for snowboarding, the Davy Jones Knee Pads and the Swellbow Elbow Pads. Pricing on our elbow and knee pads range from $15 - $110, depending on the materials used, construction, and other features.

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