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How to Choose Roller Derby Wrist Guards

Roller derby wrist guards are an important piece of roller derby protective gear. One of the most common injuries in roller derby is to the wrist since the hand and arm are most always extended to break ones fall and the wrists are the only thing there to take the brunt of the impact. Be sure and see AllSportProtection's selection roller derby wrist guards.

What Type of Roller Derby Wrist Guards Do You Need?

How you determine your needs as to roller derby wrist safety is dictated by the aggressiveness of your roller derby style and your desire to learn new tricks and do some sick a stunts.


      Double Sided            Protective                  Wrist                                 Anti                        Wrist
        Wrist Guards               Gloves                    Guards                             Gloves                    Braces

Roller Derby Double Sided Wrist Guard Protective Gloves
  • Palm and dorsal wrist and hand protection.
  • Skid pad on the palm, Docmeter design distributes force of impact away from wrist, moves force to the forearm.
Roller Derby Wrist Guard Protective Gloves
  • This type of protective roller derby wrist guard protects your fingers with short-finger gloves.
  • These also protect the palm, back of the hand and the wrist.
Standard Roller Derby Wrist Guards
  • These are the most common type of wrist guard.
  • They have splints that curve from your wrist to your palm and back of hand.
  • These provide the same roller derby safety protection as the roller derby gloves, but without finger protection.
Roller Derby Wrist Guards, The Anti Glove
  • This type of protective wrist guards only offer wrist protection, with Kevlar padding that support the wrist and prevent them from bending too far back or to one side.
  • These do not help protect your palm or your fingers and are perfect for someone who wants very light wrist protection.
Roller Derby Wrist Support Braces
  • A support brace much like a standard roller derby wrist guard without the hard plastic slide plate on the outside. They are stiff, formed exactly like a typical wrist guard and will protect in a crash but are more for support of a previous injury as opposed to the one you are trying to prevent - either way it does the job.

Roller Derby Wrist Guard Splint Material

The splints in wrist guards, sometimes called battens or disks, are the hard pieces of plastic on the front and back of the wrist guard that provides support to the wrist. Splints are made of metal, carbon fiber, plastic, or hard foam.

Determining which material is best for you depends on how strong or how flexible you want your roller derby wrist guard.
  • Metal is strong, but not very flexible.
  • Plastic is more flexible, but may allow more deflection during an impact.
  • A Kevlar pad or brace offers support more then it will protect in a direct impact to the wrist.
Based on how hard you expect to fall, choose an roller derby wrist guard that offers you the highest level of roller derby protective gear you can get. Being aggressive and doing more tricks, then go for the metal. Not as aggressive and more into finesse, then plastics work great. Pretty much got it down or are protecting your wrist from a previous injury, choose a support brace wrist guard.

The Cost of Roller Derby Protective Gloves and Wrist Guards

Roller derby wrist guards are relatively inexpensive, even those with protective roller derby gloves. Expect to pay anywhere from $15 to $60, depending on their individual features, such as whether or not a wrist guard includes dorsal, in back of, wrist protection and the type of splint material.

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