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Shock Doctor | Knee Support Protec Gasket Knee Guards Triple Eight Saver Series Kneesaver
Protec Street Knee Pads 187 Pro Elbow Pads Smith Scabs Shin Guards
Triple Eight KP 22 Knee Pads Triple Eight Saver Series 3-Pack Smith Scab Horse Shoe Pads Knee Gaskets
Triple Eight Street 2-Pack Triple Eight SP Knee Gasket Triple Eight Little Tricky Youth Protective Pack With DVD
187 Killer Pads Knee Gasket Smith Scabs Crown Park Knee Pads 187 Fly Knee Pads
Smith Crown Park Knee Pads
: $41.99
Sale Price: $34.99
Smith Scabs Youth Knee, Elbow Wrist Combo Pack Protec Street Combo Pack Pro-Tec Park Knee Pads
Triple Eight Park 2-Pack Destroyer Professional Knee pads Troy Lee Designs/Shock Doctor Knee Guards
187 Killer Pads | Jr. Combo Pack Smith Scabs Crown Park Knee Pads Poorboy Pro Knee Pads
Smith Crown Park Knee/Elbow Combo Pack
: $62.88
Sale Price: $54.99
187 Fly Knee / Elbow Pads Combo Pack Triple 8 KP Pro Troy Lee Designs/Shock Doctor Padded Knee and Shin Guards
Smith Scabs Elite Skate Knee Pads Smith Scabs Elite Leopard Print Knee Pads Smith Scabs Psycho Knee Pads
Pro-Tec Drop In Knee Pads 187 Pro Knee Pads Poorboy V2 Knee Pads
187 Pro Knee Pads
: $73.99

Poorboy Combo Pack Protec Park Combo Pack Pro Designed Half Cap Knee Pads Black Denim
Troy Lee Designs Lopes Signature Knee and Shin Protection EVS SX02 Knee Brace 187 Pro Derby Knee Pads
EVS SX02 Knee Brace
: $118.99
Sale Price: $79.99
Pro Designed Super Knee Pads Black Denim 187 Pro Knee / Elbow Pads Combo Pack 187 Killer Pads FLY Combo Pack With Helmet, Knee and Elbow Pads
Demon Skate Knee X D3O Demon Skate X D30 Combo Pack Smith Psycho Knee/Elbow Combo Pack
Demon Skate X D30 Combo Pack
: $179.99
Sale Price: $99.99

Poorboy Pro Combo Pack Poorboy V2 Combo Pack 187 Killer Pads PRO Helmet, Knee and Elbow Combo Pack
Poorboy Pro Combo Pack
: $119.99
Deal of the Day Price: $59.99

Protec Drop-In Combo Pack

Longboard Knee Pads

Longboard protective gear, knee pads for joint support and protection.

Check out AllSportProtection's selection with 187 Killer Pads, Troy Lee Designs and Poorboy for all your longboard knee pads and longboard protective gear needs.

Check out all of the high quality longboard knee pads AllSportProtection has to offer!

Choosing the best longboard knee pads can sometimes be challenging. Be assured we only carry top quality name brand longboard protective gear products so you can know that whatever you choose will keep you protected.

Need some advice on what longboard protective gear will be best for you and your family?

Call and chat with one of our Service Pros at 800-766-7269. They can help you figure out which longboard knee pads or other piece of longboard protective gear will suit you best.

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Protection Blog.

AllSportProtection carries helmets, protective gear and pads for your elbows, knees and shins. We carry cross sport protection for wakeboard, mountain bike, BMX, ski, snowboard, skateboard, roller derby, snowmobiling, inline skate, and longboard.

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