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How To Prevent BMX Injuries

The Most Common BMX Injuries


The most common BMX injuries will happen to the head, neck and back, followed by wrists, shins, knees and elbows. The best way to prevent a BMX injury is with BMX protective gear. BMX protective gear comes in a variety of styles and levels of protection, depending on where you need to be protected and how much protection you may need.

BMX protective gear for the most vulnerable parts include mountain bike helmets, full face BMX helmets and open face BMX helmets, neck braces, such as the Leatt brace or Alpinestars neck support brace, and BMX upper body armor,  back and spine protectors, full back and chest protectors from SixSixOne, spine guards from POC and lower back protectors from Demon Dirt.

BMX Helmets


          Hart & Huntington                                    POC                                                Pro Tec Classic
                   Dirt Lid                                         Cortex Flow                                 Odyssey BMX Helmet

A BMX helmets is an essential and valuable piece of BMX protective gear. Guarding your brain and skull and face, with the full face helmets, from curbs, stumps and rocks or anything else you may encounter when involved in a BMX crash.

Elements you need to consider when choosing a BMX helmet are determined by the type of BMX rider YOU are! The basics in a BMX helmet are covered in the How to Choose a BMX Helmet section of AllSportProtection's Advice Center, which covers:

BMX Neck Braces

BMX neck braces are essential for the serious rider. Neck braces like the Leatt Adventure Neck Brace or Alpinestars Bionic Neck Support Brace fit with all full face BMX helmets. They are designed to support the neck and head, and protect it from moving too far to one side back or forward in an impact. BMX neck braces stabilize the head protecting the spine and neck from breaks. A valuable piece of BMX protective gear that is designed for BMX safety in racing dirt jumping and downhill BMX riding.

BMX Upper Body Armor


                 Fox                                   SixSixOne                                Demon                                Demon
          Titan Jacket                             Subgear                               Flex Force                      Hypervest D3O

BMX upper body armor guards against fractures, sprains and other injuries that may occur to the upper body. BMX upper body armor uses protective material such as EVA foam, d3o (What is D3O?) and hard shell plastic to protect against rocks and trees, these protective materials in BMX upper body armor are designed to withstand the force of maximum impacts while riding BMX. Be sure and see AllSportProtection's Advice Center section on How to Choose Mountain Bike Upper Body Armor!

Types of BMX Upper Body Armor:

BMX Padded Shorts


               Demon                         Alpinestars                           SixSixOne                                  POC
  Womens Flex Force Pro     Bionic Freeride                 Evo D3O Bombers                       Hip VPD

BMX padded shorts are designed to protect the tailbone, sitz bone, coccyx, hips and thighs and act as cushion while you ride or when you fall. The construction and design of BMX padded shorts are a tailored fit for men, women and youth sizes. BMX padded shorts come in a variety of protective materials; D3O, EVA and hard shell padded protection.
Troy Lee Designs
BP 7605 Padded Shorts

Check out AllSportProtection's Advice Center on How to Choose Mountain Bike Padded Shorts!
Which the features of BMX padded shorts, including:
  • Thickness of pads
  • Padded short coverage
  • Padded shorts materials and construction

BMX Elbow Pads, Knee Pads & Shin Guards


                     Pro Tec                                        Kali Protectives                                        Pro Tec
           Street Elbow Pads                       Aazis Soft Knee Guards                           IPS Shin Guards

BMX protective gear is in the most part self explanatory, especially when you get down to the basics with BMX elbow pads, BMX knee pads and BMX shin guards. The BMX shin guards will help against pedal slips and the BMX elbow pads and BMX knee pads are there for any crash, protecting your joints from skids on concrete, rocks, and dirt.

Check out the AllSportProtection Advice Center section on How to Choose BMX Elbow Pads, Knee Pads & Shin Guards for more information on what is right for YOU!

BMX Wrist Braces

                                                   Troy Lee Designs                                   SixSixOne
                                                    Wrist Protectors                               Wrist Wrap Pro

BMX wrist braces offer a little protection but are mainly there for support in the wrists when you ride. They have a hard plastic or metal splint on the back side of the wrist that prevents it from moving too far back causing sprains. The strap, in most all cases Velcro, keeps it tight to the wrist preventing your hand from moving too far to either side, giving maximum support. BMX wrist protection and BMX wrist braces come in two designs. A short wrist brace, such as the SixSixOne Wrist Wrap and Wrist Wrap Pro, and a longer brace, the Troy Lee Designs Wrist Protectors, which goes half way up the forearm. The longer brace is designed to distribute the force of an impact from the weaker wrist joint to the forearm, allowing for the wearer to withstand harder impacts in a crash.

Be sure and check the AllSportProtection Advice Center and get the most out of your next BMX wrist guard purchase by reviewing our section on How to Choose BMX Wrist Guards!

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