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How to Choose Upper Body Armor

Upper body armor, back and spine guards, chest protectors, padded shirts and neck braces for action sport protection.

AllSportProtection has a wide selection of upper body protective gear. Protective gear to guard against fractures, sprains and other injuries. Padded protection with EVA foam, d3o and hard shell plastic to protect against rocks and trees, that withstand the force from maximum impacts while riding.

What is d3o protective material?

Spinal Injury Cracked Ribs Broken Clavicle

Injuries to back muscles and spine as well as the ribcage, clavicle and neck are the most common.

Common upper body injuries include breaks from direct contact or pressure to the spine, clavicle, ribs and neck. These are easily guarded against with top-rated protective gear from AllSportProtection. Hard plastic spine guards cushion from impacts with their EVA foam lining as well deflect branches and rocks if landed on or skidded across. EVA foam padded shirts add to protection against the force of an impact when applied to crashes that result in direct contact with the ground or other solid objects. D3O protection is light weight and soft to the touch. Constructed with intelligent molecules that harden upon impact d3o deflects sharp objects as well as hard plastic.

Lower Spine Back & Chest More
Back Guard Protector Protection

Types of Upper Body Armor

Upper body armor can be as light or as heavy duty as you need, this tutorial is to help you decide just what you need. Here are the different types of body armor available and their protective uses.

Lower Back Protectors
Lower back protectors protect the lumbar region of the spine, and vulnerable side muscles and exposed organs such as the kidneys. The above example of lower back body armor, the Demon Flex Force, provides top rated protection.

  • Hard plastic shell to protect against roots, limbs and rocks.
  • EVA foam liner for padded cushioning.
  • Adjustable fit to fit any size of rider.

Spine Guards
Full spine guards protect the whole spinal cord area, cervical (top of spine), thoracic (central spinal area) and lumbar (lower spine). A spine guard wears like a back pack, adjustable shoulder straps and cushioned waist belt. Also with the POC Ergo and BUG spine protectors you can add on a sacrum and coccyx protective piece, the POC tailbone protector.

  • Hard plastic shell.
  • EVA foam liner.
  • Adjustable shoulder and waist straps.
  • Tailbone guard accessory available.

Back & Chest Protectors
Back and chest protectors do just that, they feature a hard plastic shell with an EVA liner to cushion the force of an impact. These protectors fit over the head and are adjustable to tighten at the waist and under the shoulders.

  • Resilient polycarbonate protective plates.
  • Protective Plates feature Thermoplastic.
  • Urethane and EVA foam for shock absorption.
  • Easy Entry/Exit with its quick release design.
  • Washable, adjustable, anti-microbial materials.

Back, Chest & Shoulders
These offer full coverage protection, back and chest plus shoulders and upper arms. Heavier than a regular chest protector but you get more where you need it. These back, chest and shoulder guards fit over the head and tighten around the waist and under the shoulders.

  • Shock Doctor technology.
  • Neck brace integration.
  • Vent-Trak for air circulation.
  • Over 50 configurations to adapt to riders preference for a custom fit.
  • Low-profile design, fits under or over jersey.
  • Hinged chest design for extended rib coverage.
  • Vented soft-yoke connection between front and back plates.
  • Integrated fast-lock buckles and convenient straps.

Protective Protective D3O

Vest Jacket Jacket

Body Armor

Body armor, protective vests and protective jackets offer a tight fit as to upper body protection, these are closed off, you slide in like putting on a jacket, you are protected with hard plastic and EVA foam underneath, in most cases, there is also the d3o option. D3O is an option for those who want the latest in protective gear technology. Intelligent molecules harden upon impact making what is normally a soft pliable material, almost taffy like, making the protected area as hard as plastic, only lighter.

Protective Vests
Protective vests, back, spine, chest, shoulder and side protectors. Top-rated body armor that gives free range of motion, better for the hot days, these pieces of protective armor fit easily under jerseys and over base layers.

  • Velcro adjustable waist straps.
  • Kidney, shoulder, spine and chest protection.
  • Made with breathable material.

Protective Jackets
For a tight fit with full upper body coverage, check out the protective jackets. These offer arm protection as well as back, chest and side protection. For that fully protected feel you need to get to the next level, safely, check out AllSporProtection's full line up of protective gear jackets.

  • Two piece chest plate, zipper front.
  • High impact plastic shoulder and elbow coverage.
  • Made with breathable material.

D3O Protective Gear
D3O protective material, high tech super smart protection. This material is light weight and is available in the top-rated Demon Hypervest.

Padded Padded
Vest Shirt

Padded Shirts & Vests

The padded shirt & padded vest option is great for a base layer in colder climates as well as warm, depending on the style. Low-profile padded protection that can be worn outside or under your regular T-shirt or racing jersey.

Padded Vests
Protection for back, sides and chest areas. Great low-profile protection.

  • ShockSkin integrated fabric and vented foam pads, secured by high frequency seams, move and contour with the body for ultimate comfort and protection.
  • 5-Pad system a sleeveless shirt with five integrated, ShockSkin pads on the shoulders, ribs and spine
  • Mesh panel in front ventilates this high-performance base layer
  • Constructed with supportive four-way stretch anti-microbial fabric that wicks moisture away from the skin

Padded Shirts
A long sleeve shirt with added padding where you need it most, forearms, sides, and back. Low-profile look can be worn as a top or base layer.

  • Base memory foam for shoulders, spine, elbow rib and collarbone.
  • Lightweight and breathable fabric.

Neck Injury Neck Brace

Neck & Spine Protection

Protective neck braces are the latest in BMX and mountain bike safety equipment. Developed out of necessity due to the dangers in modern BMX/MTB athletes. The neck brace is a great addition to any piece of upper body armor, chest and back protector. Neck braces such as the Leatt brace are designed as a companion to upper body armor. This added protection stabilizes the head and neck to prevent serious injury.

Does Protective Gear Vary by Price?

Protective gear comes with a price and yes usually the most expensive gear is the best but sometimes it is not. Protective gear ranges from $35 (the Demon lower back guard) to over $300. The most expensive piece of gear we have is not always what you need. Most all of AllSportProtection's protective gear products are designed with similar materials, EVA foam, hard plastic polymer shells, d3o, etc. Read the product descriptions and have an idea of what parts you need to protect and how hard you ride or may ride in the future. Granted action sports are about pushing yourself to the limits, just keep in mind that AllSportProtection is here to help, your safety is our number one goal and we can help you decide what safety gear and protective equipment is the best fit for you.

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