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How to Choose Ski Goggles

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Why are Skiing Goggles Important?

Skiing goggles are important pieces of equipment and often underestimated. They protect you from the following:
  • Ultraviolet Rays- Between the high altitude and reflection of the snow, your risks of UV eye damage or snow blindness are heightened during skiing.
  • Ice and Snow- During a run, it's vital to keep the snow and shards of ice out of your eyes to prevent damage or loss of sight.
  • Other Objects- Twigs or branches can damage your eyes while riding through heavily wooded areas.

How Many Lenses Should I Choose?

Goggles with more than one lens do not fog as fast as a single lens goggle. All of our goggles are dual lens and will provide you with superior results.

Are my Skiing Goggles Fitting Correctly

When trying on goggles or preparing to ski, it's imperative to have properly fitting goggles. An ill fitting pair can fall off or flip if you hit a bump. Make sure you look for the following:
  • Clear Vision- Make sure when your goggles are on you have at least a 180 degrees of peripheral vision. This allows you to see the riders and obstacles around you.
  • Compatible with your Helmet- Your goggles should fit snugly around your face and should also fit tight against the brim of your helmet. Make sure there is not a gap between the two-this can cause snow to become packed in that area.
To assure that your skiing goggles provide you with clear vision and outstanding protection, simply use the adjustable straps to reach your perfect fit.

What are the Differences in the Lens Colors?

  • Polarized/Black- Great for reducing glare on a bright, sunny day.
  • Amber/Yellow- Good for most conditions, especially in a low to moderate light.

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