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How to Choose BMX Wrist Braces

Why are Wrist Guards for BMX so Important?

BMX wrist support can be a simple fabric pullover wrist brace which will support the wrist and prevent ligament strain or a rigid sinch tight Velcro wrist braces with side stabilizers to limit movement; these types of wrist braces are beneficial for BMX riders with conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome or wrists weakened from previous breaks or injuries. Most BMX wrist braces are lightweight and thin enough that they can be worn under BMX gloves.

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Which BMX Wrist Braces are Right for You?

Wrist braces for BMX are designed to stabilize the wrists and keep them from moving too far in any one direction without limiting your free range of motion. With sinch tight velcro straps and support that ranges from just past the wrist to half way up the forearm. There are stiff padding or splints on the dorsal, back of, side of the wrist which direct the force of an impact from the sensitive wrist ligaments to the stronger regions of the forearm.

How do you protect your wrists and thumbs?

The wrist guards for BMX are designed to be able to grip handle bars. The dorsal support brace is designed to take the stress from your wrists and move it to your forearm. The Troy Lee Designs BMX wrist protectors distribute the force of impacts when falling to the hands while riding from the wrist and hand to the middle of the forearm, with their longer support guard design, this acts as a brace, keeping the hand and wrist area tight, not allowing it to move too far back, front or to either side, while allowing you to grip your handle bars and ride comfortably. The smaller wrist wraps BMX wrist braces sinch tight around the wrist and/or have a slot for a thumb for added control and support. These also include the dorsal wrist protection, a stiff piece of Kevlar or plastic to prevent the wrist from bending too far in any one direction.

Features of BMX Wrist Braces Vary With Price

The selection of BMX wrist braces at AllSportProtection range from $14 to $35 in price, this depends entirely on the design, construction and materials in the wrist guards.

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