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Ski and Snowboard Helmet Safety Standards and Certifications

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Ski and snowboard helmets go through a rigorous testing process to develop and be approved for certain safety standards and certifications. Not all ski and snowboard helmets go through this process and it doesn't necessarily mean that a particular snowboard helmet will not protect as well as one that is certified. Ski and snowboard helmets use the ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) and CEN (European Committee for Standardization) safety standard certifications and are not required but are there to show evidence of the safety offered in a particular snowboard helmet. These safety standards certification organizations' reputation are very well defined as the preeminant voice in protective gear quality.

Ski and snowboard Helmet Safety Standards and Certification Procedures

ASTM Certification Safety Standards
Ski and snowboard helmets are under ASTM F2040, which defines the performance requirements for helmets used in nonmotorized recreational snow sports. These helmets undergo a hot, cold and wet dynamic strength retention test. The ambient helmet is subjected to a positional stability (roll-off) test. Anvils are used for impact tests, specifications as follows: flat anvil, hemispherical anvil and edge anvil. Helmets with a design that meets these standards, passing required tests, will help reduce the risk of some injuries to the head at slower speeds, the protection is limited. The purpose of these tests is to provide a reliable and repeatable evaluation of various types of protective helmets. The use of these methods is intended to reduce the likelihood of serious injury and death which may result from impacts to the head sustained by individuals. Ski and snowboard helmets are test under specified environmental conditions for the limiting of head acceleration in an impact, strength and stability of the retention system, padded liner, and its attachment to the outer shell.

CEN Certification Safety Standards
Ski and snowboard helmets are under the EN1077 safety standard. This European standard is applicable to performance requirements for two classes of snowboard helmet. The two different standards of classification, class A and class B. The method of testing include construction including field of vision, shock absorbing properties, resistance penetration and retention system properties.

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